Rehearsal July 13th 2021


We were given a little sheet and told to be sure we use that one because there are different versions out there so be careful not to learn the wrong thing on YouTube.


  1. Give a bit more ‘d’ at the end of verses.
  2. Remember the sniff, which is to ensure there is a break in the sound at that point.
  3. After the sniff is a crescendo (gradual increase to peak volume)
  4. Try to hold the note on the Ah’s rather than going flat (“scooping”)

Angels song page


  1. Breathe somewhere without an “S”
  2. Practice “heart” at the end

Anthem song page


  1. Need to come in as a team on the second verse
  2. Don’t go with B2 for third verse
  3. No breath after “blood”, choose somewhere else

No song page yet


  1. Don’t go to early, save some for later in the piece
  2. End of verse 1 is always raged

Bridge song page

Cwm Rhondda

New arrangement by Tracey, don’t use your old sheet music

Cwm Rhondda song page

Red rose

  1. Keep humming down, but hum all the way to the bar line, don’t stop too early
  2. “Mile” is singular, no “s”
  3. B1 and B2 sing in unison
  4. Practice bar 27, “Hm hm An I will love”. Make sure it is high enough on “and I”

No Red Rose song page yet

Londonderry Air

  1. Words, words, words!
  2. B1 Practice bar 32 “All my dreams will sweeter be”
  3. T2 practice “dead, dead, dead”

Londonderry Air song page


  1. Roll those “R”s
  2. Generally too loud of at the beginning
  3. “tra mon tra” not “non”, the copy is wrong
  4. B1 wait till after “morir, morir” before giving the welly

Nessum song page

Never walk

  1. Strong “k” and “n” at the end of words
  2. Don’t breathe through the title
  3. B1 check “through” it goes down
  4. B1 first three notes the same

Never Walk song page


  1. Red rose
  2. Cwm Rhondda